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I've seen a lot of posts and answers about syncronized call of Retrofit2.

It it's like:

// TODO: initial job

    val response = ServiceGenerator.createService(this, MyService::class.java)!!
                .getItem(token, requestData)
        response.code >= 500->{
            // TODO: toast message
        response.code >= 400->{
            // TODO: toast message
        response.code >= 200->{
            // TODO: successful treatment
            val result = response.body()
            // ...
}catch(e: Exception){
    // TODO: final job.

But if you implement it right into a method, you would get:


Because it's not allowed. Otherwise, you need to do set the strict mode. However, this is not recommended.

Then, you need to implement the call in AsyncTask or Thread or Handler.

Then, it seems it goes back to the asyncronized call. Then, I am like... ???? Why not use enqueue() not execute(). But enqueue() is asyncronized call. And I don't want it!

So, I'd like to know REAL syncronized call with Retrofit2. How can I implement this?

I tried with @Syncronized Annotation to each method but I think it is a different problem because this only makes safe when many threads access to the method. However, In my case, I implement a method for a API call. For example, I have getUserInfo() and I implement like:

private fun getUserInfo(token, username, pw){
    val requestData = UserInfo(username, pw)

    ServiceGenerator.createService(this, MyService::class.java)!!
                .getItem(token, requestData)
                .enqueue(object: Callback<UserInfoResponse>{
                    override fun onResponse(call: Call<UserInfoResponse>, response: Response<UserInfoResponse>) {
                    override fun onFailure(call: Call<UserInfoResponse>, t: Throwable) {

How can I improve my usage of Retrofit2?

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Welcome to 16892 Developer Community-Open, Learning and Share